Jeanette Winters – Neuroscience Can Close the Skills Gap

Listen to Podcast:

post-podcast-Jeanette-WintersDr Jeanette Winters is a seasoned talent and learning executive leadership. Her special expertise is in championing scalable and sustainable organizational/financial management initiatives via the design and implementation of proven talent management practices, procedures and programs for Fortune 500 global leaders such as Amgen, Pitney Bowes, American Express and Intel. She has been the driving force behind proven learning transformation platforms that embrace competency based assignment strategies, planning, outsourcing, restructuring, and the execution of internal and SaaS-based talent technologies. Dr. Winters is also one of the first scholar-practitioners to be certified in Neuro-link brain profiles, brain-based learning and development training interventions.

Jeanette joined me to talk about the growing skills gap in the American workforce and how a brain-aware approach might help us to close that gap.

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