Take this quiz to see how brainy you are about brains.

Quiz originally posted by Valerie Strauss in her blog post “How brainy are you about brains? A neuroscience quiz.

Valerie covers education and runs The Answer Sheet blog on The Washington Post website.


1) Approximately how many neurons does the brain contain?

2) Name the device that measures brain waves.

3) Stargazer mice are experimental models for which type of epilepsy?

4) Prozac relieves symptoms of depression by affecting which neurotransmitter?

5) The Greek word for the branches of a tree give us the name of what part of a neuron?

6) Name the surgical procedure that destroys part of the basal ganglia and helps Parkinson’s patients.

7) The biologic clock is located in what part of the brain?

8) Name a brain disorder named after a famous baseball player.

9) What is the mot common type of inherited mental retardation?

10) Name the peptide that accumulates in the senile plaques of brains of Alzheimer’s patients?

11) What chromosome is altered to cause Huntington’s disease?

12) What is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation?

13) The abbreviation PET stands for what brain imagine technique?

14) What kind of molecules are netrins and semaphorins?

15) Name a cognitive disorder associated with chronic alcoholism.


1) 100 billion

2) Electroencephalograph

3) Petit mal epilepsy

4) Serotonin

5) Dendrites

6) Pallidotomy

7) Hypothalamus

8) Lou Gehrig’s disease

9) Fragile X Syndrome

10) Beta Amyloid

11) Four

12) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

13) Positron emission tomography

14) Guidance molecules

15) Korsakoff’s Syndrome

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