Margie Meacham – What is Flipped Learning?

Listen to Podcast:

podcast-flipped-learning The phrase “flipped learning” comes from the field of education, where it was adopted as an experiment to give teachers more classroom time for interacting with students. The idea is to record the lecture in advance so that students come to class with a basic understanding of the topic. Then they spend class time on activities that used to be considered “homework,” such as writing a research paper or making a model. This approach has proven to be very effective in the K-12 world and is now getting a lot of attention for adult learners.

Catch my own take on this concept to see what I posted in advance of my presentation this week at Training Magazine’s Online Learning conference. I recorded a brain science primer to introduce attendees to basic concepts in the neuroscience of learning so that they would be better prepared for my discussion on separating hype from fact in this rapidly developing field.

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