Podcast: Dr. Jane Bozarth

Dr. Jane Bozarth holds an M.Ed. in Training & Development/Technology in Training and a doctorate in Adult Education. In addition to writing several books on learning best practices, she served as a member of “Training Magazine’s book review team for 10 years and now writes a monthly column, “Nuts and Bolts” for the eLearning Guild’s online “Learning Solutions Magazine”.

Jane’s newest book, “Show Your Work,” the payoffs and how-tos of working out loud, is full of practical insights for the learning professional and leverages the latest discoveries of how the brain learns – by sharing with others.

You can find her “live” most anytime on Twitter @janebozarth and almost always on Thursday evenings as one of the moderators of the popular #lrnchat session, which where I first met her, although I’ve been a fan of her books for years.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Dr. Jane Bozarth

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