Podcast: Jo Cook – The Future of Learning Technology

In her role as Deputy Editor of TrainingJournal (TJ) magazine and website, Jo Cook focuses her time on ground-breaking discussion webinars and speaking at events. TJ is the only independent, monthly print magazine in the UK for learning and development professionals and has 50 years’ experience with the best L&D thought leaders.

Jo works for TJ part time and the rest of the time is Director of her company Lightbulb Moment, which specializes in developing, facilitating and training others to deliver great live online training sessions, virtual classrooms, webinars and blended, digital programs.

Jo has a background in teaching, technology and journalism. She facilitates, speaks, writes, blogs and tweets on L&D topics. Jo’s background includes further and higher education, the charity sector, small and large organizations, including CNN News and other Fortune 500 firms.

I asked Jo to talk to us about the trends she sees in learning technology, particularly virtual training, where she is uniquely qualified to see the evolution of best practices through the two different lenses afforded by her roles as a publisher of learning content and a consultant to learning organizations.

You can learn more about the magazine at www.trainingjournal.com or follow them on Twitter @trainingjournal.

Jo can be reached at www.lightbulbmoment.info. You’ll find her on Twitter as @Lightbulbjo. She’s also on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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