TLDC18 – New Conference Idea Hits the Target

What a pleasure to be part of the growing community of TLDC! My buddy and colleague SyberDesign did such a great job, I can’t think of anything else to say, so I’m reposting from his blog with his permission.


It is a euphoric and sad feeling that rolls over me as I wake up the day after the TLDC18 conference. Over the last three days, I have personally been responsible for spilling 4 drinks, I have attended multiple sessions on current L&D subjects, made new contacts with people in my field that have similar struggles, took part in an almost world record twitter backchannel event, and cut off the heads of a two-headed wolf monster. Needless to say, TLDC18 was a roller coaster for me. Brent Schlenker and Luis Malbas gave our community exactly what it needed with a conference where we can attend a session that is relevant to our real-world plights and accomplishments. In that conference, I am also encouraged the have open conversations with my peers AND the presenter in the room during the session. It was a comfortable, yet serious atmosphere where everyone shared and…

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