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Congrats to EY and Aptara for Winning the Brandon Hall Award for Custom Content! (9/6/2018) - I'm thrilled that one of my designs has won the @BrandonHallGrp award for Custom Content. Among hundreds of applicants from around the world, these organizations were judged the best of the best ...
Happy Labor Day from Learningtogo! (8/31/2018) - I know how hard you work and I know it can sometimes be thankless work at that. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that what you are doing matters!
Your Clients are Needy – and that’s a Good Thing (8/28/2018) - Have you ever spent weeks or even months designing a beautiful training program, only to find out that the client really wanted something else entirely? This is what happens when we fail to conduct a thorough analysis of the project, but we’ve all been there. We know better, but somehow, we think that this time…
On the List Again! (8/13/2018) - When Sam Rogers announced his intention to compile a list of the most popular podcasts for L&D in 2017, I thought I’d have to mount a write-in campaign. Luckily, Sam was aware of us and our program was on the ballot. I felt even luckier to make the list, thanks to our fascinating guests and…
Sit Up Straight! The Posture Effect Has Legs Again (at least for math) (8/5/2018) - You can probably remember a parent or teacher urging you to sit and stand up straight. Depending on the context, there was probably some implication that you would become a better student, athlete, or leader of the free world if you would just exhibit proper posture. It turns out that your crazy Aunt Kitty may…
several different ways to order coffee Four Ways xAPI is Shutting Down Learner Engagement (7/4/2018) - Based on our understanding of how the brain makes decisions, the very flexibility that makes the relatively new standard of Experience API (xAPI) so attractive may be shutting down learner engagement by making it too hard to choose from available options. Here’s what’s going on.
Here Be Dragons – 4 Ways to Avoid the fMRI Trap (4/29/2018) - In the almost 30 years since its discovery, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) scans have become the tool of choice for people who study the brain. While fMRI is a powerful new tool, the way we are using it is also problematic.
Three Ways Technology is Changing the Learning Space (Plus One) (4/23/2018) - We love our tech. Most of us in the learning profession pride ourselves on being comfortable with technology. Whenever a new tool is available, we’re ready to give it a try, eager to adopt the latest way to help people learn.
Welcome to our new home! (4/13/2018) - I can't believe that only three years ago we launched our blog with about 65 subscribers, most of them friends and family I "volunteered" to become our first subscribers. Today, we're growing every day, with folks joining our learning science community from all over the world.
Guest Blogger, Bryan Jones of – How to Repurpose Content in under 1 hour (3/29/2018) - If you're like me, you have tons of content that you'd like to reuse, but not sure the most efficient way to go about it. Bryan Jones, founder of eLearningArt, is a pioneer in eLearning and instructional design.
Perchance to Dream – How sleep affects learning, memory and brain health (3/22/2018) - While your body and your conscious mind appear to zone out during sleep, your brain is still very active, and doing some amazing things.
The Power of the Expectation Effect (2/26/2018) - As human capital professionals, we can help people overcome different types of limiters that might be holding them back from peak performance on the job. But first, we need to understand where the limits come from: the Expectation Effect.
Margie Meacham is One of the “100 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders” for 2018 (2/16/2018) - I am so excited to receive the “100 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders” from the World Training & Development Congress. Each year, the selection committee searches the globe for a shortlist of individuals who are doing “extraordinary work with a track the record of solid achievements.” The shortlist is then reviewed by a…
Three Ways Technology is Changing the Learning Space (Plus One) (2/7/2018) - We love our tech. Most of us in the learning profession pride ourselves on being comfortable with technology. Whenever a new tool is available, we’re ready to give it a try, eager to adopt the latest way to help people learn.
Combating “The Homer Simpson Effect” (2/1/2018) - You Have to Forget Some Old Truths to Master Essentials of Brain-Based Learning. There really is a "Homer Simpson" effect in neuroscience.
What Are the Top eLearning Trends of 2018? (1/25/2018) - Bryan Jones of eLearning Art recently conducted an extensive survey of about 57 thought leaders in learning and development, to identify the top elearning trends for 2018. I was honored to be included in the survey and I’ve admired Bryan’s work for years.
Podcast: Margie Meacham Talks Brain-Based Learning, AI, Chatbots and More on #TLDCast (Jan 24, 2018) (1/25/2018) - Every weekday like-minded learning professionals join a live chat on current trends, research, challenges and best practice. Just about anything goes in these free-wheeling, collaborative sessions.
Have You Seen the First Infographic? (1/25/2018) - If you think the Infographic is a new tool to help convey complex information, think again. It’s been around over 100 years. I recently came across the earliest example I’ve found, in this graphic representation of the suffrage movement newspaper published in 1913. It’s a great example of how to use data visualization to tell…
4 Lessons from Digital Learning – How Digital Learning is Transforming Our World and Rewiring our Brains (1/24/2018) - A few weeks ago, I had a problem to solve and it was something of an emergency. My Keurig had failed to make my morning cup of coffee. I followed the directions, like I’d done a hundred times before, but it just sat there, mocking me. I could have opened the minuscule user guide that…
Will a Chatbot Be Your Next Learning Coach? – How AI can support talent development in your organization (1/15/2018) - Eighty percent of major companies expect to be using artificial intelligence by 2020, but their training departments are likely to be the last places you’ll find it.
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