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Past Event: Enterprise Learning! Conference 2016 (Jun 6-8, Anaheim) (4/28/2016) - In order to build a smarter organization you need to start with smarter brains. The pace of change today demands that your team become nimble, ready to respond to new threats and capitalize on new opportunities with utmost speed and mental agility.
Neuroscience and the Hype Cycle (4/22/2016) - I recently attended a major conference of learning professionals and was surprised to hear one of the keynote speakers say, “Neuroscience has nothing to offer educational psychology today.” While many in the room were applauding, I was a little shocked and disappointed.
What I Learned from Dyslexia (4/14/2016) - If I had been born a little bit later, I might actually be a neuroscientist instead of a learning consultant. But as Neil deGrasse Tyson has often pointed out, bright girls in the 1960s and 1970s were primarily encouraged to become nurses or teachers.
Learning Solutions 2016: Hard-Wired to Learn from Each Other (3/18/2016) - We are hard-wired to learn with and from others; it’s one of the survival behaviors we developed as a species. Learning is always intensely personal, so no two attendees will come away with the same insights. Here’s my very personal Top Takeaways from Learning Solutions.
Steering into the Skid to Gain Learner Attention (3/10/2016) - If someone were to ask you right now, “What are you doing?” you would probably say that you are reading. Yet you are doing so much more in the background and in the foreground of your amazing brain.
Is the Workforce Becoming Less Intelligent? (2/25/2016) - Consider the implications of a recent study of adult skills by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that looks how literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving is used at work. Compared to other populations, U.S. adults scored toward the bottom in every category tested.
My Training 2016 Top 10 (2/18/2016) - post-training-magazine-detailsI just got back from the Training 2016 conference, sponsored by Training Magazine. Here are the top ten things I took away.
How do we Really Choose a Candidate? (2/11/2016) - With President’s Day around the corner for those of us in the U.S., I find myself thinking about our political system and the increasingly divisive tone of political debate today. As I recall, there was a time when Americans could have different political views and still enjoy a cordial, even friendly relationship.
Northern New Jersey ATD Professional Development Workshop “Mastering the Webinar” – Attend in person or online on February 10. (2/6/2016) - I’m so honored to be doing this professional development webinar on the art of the webinar for learning professionals. In this workshop you will get the chance to practice delivering a live webinar and receive a template for planning and delivering a flawless webinar that will grab your audience and keep their attention from start
The Mysterious Moon Illusion (2/5/2016) - The predecessors of humans, the early mammals, developed an acute ability to see predators from many angles, which gave them an edge in the survival competition known as natural selection.
Our Brain in (Work)Space (1/28/2016) - At the University of Waterloo in Canada, scientists are studying how we humans interact with our man-made environments and what effects these interactions have on our brains.
The Brain and the Herd Mentality (1/22/2016) - The “herd instinct” is another aspect of the leader-follower relationship that is illuminated by neuroscience. The neurochemical oxytocin triggers a “bliss response” in the brain whenever we are engaging in social behavior.
Brain Matters Gets Major Recognition (1/21/2016) - Imagine my surprise when Matthew Donovan of GP Strategies mentioned my book right up there with works by David Rock, John Medina and Will Thalheimer!
Dont-Forget-the-Ebbinhaus-Forgetting-Curve- Don’t Forget the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve (1/15/2016) - In January we celebrate the birthday of Hermann Ebbinghaus, the psychologist who discovered the learning curve, the forgetting curve, the spacing effect and several other fundamental behaviors of human learning.
Ethics and Neuroscience (1/8/2016) - Where do you stand on the ethical questions raised by the discoveries of neuroscience? As a human capital manager, you may find yourself making decisions about how to use what you know about your employee’s brains in the not-so-different future.
How Your Brain Makes a Logical Purchase Decision (or Not) (12/11/2015) - Since many of us will be making major purchases during the holiday season, I thought you might enjoy peaking inside your brain to understand the decision process that leads to any major purchase.
We’ll Always Have Paris (11/19/2015) - I’ve been searching for an explanation of evil from neuroscience, but I don’t think I’ll find one. Evil is beyond our comprehension. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Paris and her people, the rest of us can only look on in horror and sorrow. Somehow these attacks, which have become all too common
By Any Other Name (11/12/2015) - You know the quotation: “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But our brains might process the sensation of smelling that rose differently if we named it something else.
Using Neuroscience to Advertise Learning – Are you Ready for Employee Learning Week? (11/5/2015) - ATD is celebrating Employee Learning Week December 7-11. Learning professionals around the world are using this limited time to highlight the critical connection between learning and achieving organizational results. In essence, participating learning teams are running an ad campaign, selling their services to the consumers of training within their organization.
Neuroscience, Intended and Unintended Consequences (10/22/2015) - Neuroscience offers us exciting possibilities for enhancing human learning and performance. In the next decade, we are going to learn things we can’t even dream of right now. But along with the dreams we may be in for some nightmares. Here’s a couple of things for all of us to think about.
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