Do you have snakes in your brain?

Like all other life on this planet, humans evolved in order to survive, and our brains have become spectacular survival machines. By understanding the threats our earliest ancestors faced in our early history, we can understand why our brains function the way they do today.

Happy Thanksgiving – It’s Good for the Brain!

The U.S. is one of several countries that celebrates the end of the harvest with a day of giving thanks – that we’re prepared to survive another winter. With the word “survival” in the opening line, you’ve probably guessed that I’m about to find a way to link eating turkey with survival, because that’s usually where I end up when I talk about our marvelous survival machines – our brains.

Persistance of Memory

Today is Verteran’s Day in the U.S. and I find myself remembering all the many lives we have lost, the human potential diverted, the injuries, both mental and physical, all stemming from the same tragic state of an increasingly violent and hateful world.

Why I’m Getting Tired of All These Stories

That clever little story may not be as engaging as you think it is. When neuroscientist Paul Zak discovered the power of a compelling story to stimulate the production of oxytocin in the same manner as “real life” interactions, he unleashed a new best practice for leaders, speakers, trainers, teachers and everyone else.

Doing Conferences Differently – How to Beat Post-Conference Depression

Do you suffer from PCD? How many times has this happened to you? You’ve convinced your boss (or yourself) to pay up to $2,000 plus travel expenses so you can attend a conference in your field. You spent a few energizing, exhausting and sometimes confusing and frustrating days with thousands of strangers and maybe a few friends, learning what’s hot and what’s not in the learning and training profession.

Margie Meacham is One of the “100 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders” for 2018 (Feb 15, 2018 – Mumbai, India)

I am so excited to receive the “100 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders” from the World Training & Development Congress. Each year, the selection committee searches the globe for a shortlist of individuals who are doing “extraordinary work with a track the record of solid achievements.” The shortlist is then reviewed by a Jury comprising of senior professionals from across the globe.

A Permanent State of Mourning

When I first wrote this post, I knew that there would be more terror, more deaths and more sorrow ahead of us. While it is impossible to make sense of something so horrible, we can explore recent events by reviewing how hatred can re-wire a brain that was born to love and help others. Every time this happens, it happens to all of us – and is a failure of all of us to connect and communicate.