Call for Speakers – Brain Matters 2015: The Neuroscience of Genius

call-for-speakersOn November 10, 2015, learning professionals around the world will gather online in a 3D environment to explore the neuroscience of genius. You are invited to join us as a headline speaker!

The virtual conference will replicate the experience of attending a live event in person, without the hassles or expense of travel. Our attendees will be teachers, professors, corporate trainers and anyone who wants to help people maximize their full potential. Each speaker will have 45 minutes to present with 15 minutes reserved for questions.

Our 3-D interactive platform simulates the experience of a live, face-to-face conference. As a speaker, you don’t have to travel or lose time from your business associated with travel. Just log on when your presentation is scheduled and engage with our global audience.

If you are accepted to speak, you will be able to use live or recorded video, audio or presentation slides. Participants can post live questions and comments in our Twitter feed or the chat window embedded in the conference application. We will be recording the sessions and we will make the recording available to you for your own use after the conference.

As a speaker, you’ll receive a complementary booth in our virtual expo (A $1,000 value), where you can visit with attendees and promote your products and services. You will also receive two free passes to the conference – one for yourself and one for a guest.

In this session of Brain Matters, we are exploring the nature of genius through the lens of neuroscience.

Here are some of the questions we’ll explore:

  • What does genius look like in the brain?
  • Can genius be a choice?
  • Can it be learned or developed?
  • What specific things could someone do to bring out the genius in themselves?

The deadline for speaker proposals is August 1, 2015.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in speaking at Brain Matters 2015:

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