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Past Event: Ready or Not – Developing Leaders without Real-world Experience Using Brain Science (Training 2017 Conference, Jan 30-Feb 1, in San Diego) (11/8/2016) - If you have kept abreast of the literature in the past few years, it is fairly common knowledge that there are not enough people to fill the gaps left by the Baby Boomers as they exit the workforce.
Past Event: ATD International Conference and Expo – A great experience! (Atlanta – May 21-24, 2017) (11/6/2016) - The Day Everything Changed: How AI Changed the Way We Learn in 2027. While science fiction depicts a world where intelligent robots rebel and overthrow their human masters, the more likely scenario is a world where human beings interface with computers, digital assistants and other technologies virtually seamlessly, changing just about everything we know about
Upcoming Event: Training Magazine 2017 Online Learning Conference (Sept 25-27, New Orleans) – Learning Begins After Class: The Forgetting Curve in Online Learning (11/5/2016) - In this 60-minute session you will learn how the brain deliberately "forgets" and how you can overcome the forgetting curve through purposeful follow-up and reinforcement after training has taken place. You will walk away with a plan to build value in your learning designs through reinforcement that is grounded in learning science.
Reflecting on Learning (10/28/2016) - The role of reflection in learning is well-established and dates back at least to educator/philosopher John Dewey, who said “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.”
Past Event: Smarter Brains for a Smarter Organization – Online workshop for Enterprise Learning Conference Online (Sept 8, 2016) (8/4/2016) - In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage the survival imperative to boost employee engagement, enhance performance and accelerate learning by speaking to the brain in its own language.
Past Webinar Event: The Neuroscience of Infographics – ATD Houston Chapter (Sept 29, 2016) (8/3/2016) - Your brain processes information in pictures, so why not deliver learning content in graphic form? Infographics are all the rage in social media because they convey a lot of information quickly and help the audience recognize patterns, connections and themes much more quickly than would be possible with text and/or audio. In this webinar we'll
Past Event: Training, Learning and Development Conference (San Diego, October 3-5, 2016) (8/1/2016) - Have you ever come home from an exciting conference and found yourself wondering, “What exactly did I get out of this event?” Conferences can be exciting and energizing, but if you haven’t take the time to assimilate new information our brain doesn’t get a chance to move essential pieces of your experience into longer-term memory.
Past Event – Using Neuroscience to Enhance your Instructional Design (July 19, 2016, San Diego) (6/10/2016) - Do you feel like no matter what method, model or theory you use, it just doesn't do your design justice? If so, then you might consider creating training based on what neuroscientists know about the brain. This one-day workshop on how to use neuroscience to enhance your instructional design.
Past Event: Enterprise Learning! Conference 2016 (Jun 6-8, Anaheim) (4/28/2016) - In order to build a smarter organization you need to start with smarter brains. The pace of change today demands that your team become nimble, ready to respond to new threats and capitalize on new opportunities with utmost speed and mental agility.
Learning Solutions 2016: Hard-Wired to Learn from Each Other (3/18/2016) - We are hard-wired to learn with and from others; it’s one of the survival behaviors we developed as a species. Learning is always intensely personal, so no two attendees will come away with the same insights. Here’s my very personal Top Takeaways from Learning Solutions.
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