Past Events

Past Event: Northern New Jersey ATD Professional Development Workshop (Feb 10, 2016) (1/14/2016) - Have you ever facilitated a virtual training event? Do you know how to avoid the common pitfalls? Are you concerned your audience won't participate? If so, then this 3.5 hour workshop is for YOU!
Past Event: The Neuroscience of Infographics: Why They Work and How to Make Them Work (Jan 8, 2016) (12/27/2015) - In this webinar we'll explore the neuroscience of infographics and why they work. You'll learn a simple step-by-step process for creating your own infographics as well as a list of "dos and don'ts" to ensure that your next infographic is an effective learning tool.
Past Event: Use Neuromarketing to Promote your Learning Programs during Employee Learning Week, December 7 – 11, 2015 (12/4/2015) - ATD is celebrating Employee Learning Week December 7-11. Learning professionals around the world are using this limited time to highlight the critical connection between learning and achieving organizational results. In essence, participating learning teams are running an ad campaign, selling their services to the consumers of learning experiences within their organization.
Past Event: eLearning Guild Online Forums: What’s Hot, What’s Not (Dec 16 & 17, 2015) (12/1/2015) - The eLearning profession is constantly changing, and there always seems to be a Next Big Thing promising better, faster, cheaper. The Online Forum eLearning Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not, on December 16 & 17, will explore several of the top trending approaches and technologies for learning, giving you valuable insight to plan for the new…
Past Event: Brain Matters 2015 Conference – Nov 10-11, 2015 (11/9/2015) - In the Brain Matters 2015 conference, we explored the nature of genius through the lens of neuroscience. We wanted to discover what, if anything, is unique about the genius brain and learn how we can train our own brains to bring out our unique genius.
Past Event: Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2016 (March 16 – 18 – Orlando) (10/21/2015) - The eLearning Guild puts on a great show full of educational opportunities and packed with networking and fun. I’ll be sharing some of my tips for building learning experiences that are designed the way the brain learns – so that you can save time and have a greater impact on actual performance.
Past Event: Training Magazine’s “Flipped” Conference on Online Learning – October 6 – October 8 (10/2/2015) - Margie Meacham will lead a special round table discussion 405 All Tips, No Hype - The Neuroscience of Instructional Design at the upcoming 2015 Online Learning Conference in Denver, October 6 - 8.
Past Event – Brain Matters 2015 – Pushing the Genius Button: How to awaken your inner genius using neuroscience (Nov 10-11) (9/18/2015) - If you’ve been following this website, you probably know that we have an outstanding collection of experts in the field of human performance joining us online for Brain Matters 2015. I am privileged to be sharing our virtual stage with folks like Marshall Goldsmith, Bill Jenson, Jay Cross, Steve Haskin, Patricia Marx, Lois Zachary and…
Past Event: Webinar with ATD’s DC Metro Chapter: The Neuroscience of Infographics – Why they work and how to make them work for you (Nov 18, 12–1pm EST) (9/2/2015) - Your brain processes information in pictures, so why not deliver learning content in graphic form?
Past Event: Association for Talent Development (ATD) Benchmarking Forum Presentation (August 16) (8/13/2015) - I’m honored to be speaking to this group of learning leaders on August 16. I’ll be sharing some of my proven brain-aware design techniques.
Past Event: The Neuroscience of Mentoring and Coaching – Special Presentation for Members of IMA (Nov 4) (8/4/2015) - I’m a proud member of the IMA. Every person’s fullest potential is realized through a mentoring relationship. The International Mentoring Association provides the leadership, services, and opportunities to make this vision a reality. I’m giving a special “members only” virtual presentation on November 4. Not a member yet? Check it out!
Past Event: NEW Course in Essentials of Brain-Based Learning (Oct 15-29, 2015 and Feb 11-18, 2016) (7/23/2015) - If you could understand what was happening in the brains of your target audience, would you be a more effective trainer, designer, consultant, or leader? Thanks to recent advances in neuroscience, learning and talent development professionals now have an opportunity
Margie Meacham Helps Mentors Use Neuroscience for Better Coaching Results (4/22/2015) - Margie Meacham, founder of, spoke at the annual conference of the International Mentoring Association (IMA) in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 22-24.
Margie Meacham’s Brain Science Presentation Expected to Draw a Large Audience at Learning Solutions (4/1/2015) - Margie Meacham, founder of learningtogo, spoke at Learning Solutions conference in Orlando March 27, 2015. Her topic, Mapping Brain Science to Application: A Practical Blueprint, helped learning professionals apply the latest discoveries in neuroscience to their work as instructors, trainers, teachers, leaders, mentors or instructional designers. Based on a pre-event survey, her topic was expected…
Past Event: Learning Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo: Practical Applications of Brain-aware Design (Mar 14, 2016 – Orlando) (1/11/2015) - Designing training without an understanding of how the brain works is a lot like trying to get somewhere without a map. Even if you eventually arrive at your destination, you won’t know how you got there so that you can do it again.



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